Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anything to avoid doing my taxes

Yeah, I know.  I've said it before.  I hate doing my taxes.  I look for anything else to do to put it off. 

I was going to go out and shovel the snow, but the wind chill is 12 degrees.  And the sun is shining very brightly off of it and I don't want a migraine.

So, I am surfing through the BBC website.  I discovered that there is a Doctor Who special on Saturday night.  The new series returns on March 30.  I can't wait.  Finally something good to watch on Saturday.

My old favorite Top Gear has returned for another season on Monday nights.  Last week they were in the USA.  I visited their web page and found a new quiz that allows me to determine which of the three stars I am more like.  Since I already have done the Downton quiz and discovered that I am most like the Dowager Countess, I thought what the heck.

You may recall that I was wrong about who I would be at Downton and it turns out that I am wrong about who I would be on Top Gear.  My guess would have been James May, a serious person interested in the science of cars.  Instead, I am most like Jeremy Clarkson.  A 'wild cannon'. Here is the description:

Your result: Congratulations! You are Jeremy Clarkson.
You know what you like and you like what you know and that is that. Everyone else is wrong.
You rely on your ingenuity at all times and will always seek a short-cut if you can find one, then whizz off down it at high speed.

I cannot argue with the description.  If you would like to see who you are, here is the link.

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  1. I'll definitely check the link. I need to start to put my taxes together, but no surprise I keep putting it off.


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