Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Cable Solution

As proof that setting up the new TV would never be easy, the cable guy came yesterday.  First he said I should always have them come out and install anything, since they usually have to show up anyway.  But this way, I did not have to pay for the service call, just had to waste my time.

His conclusion:  The box they sent me was no good.  In fact, he said he did not even like that type of box and gave me something completely different.  Ditto for the remote which he said was junk.  Ya gotta love it.

After he was done, I had HDTV.  My decision is that some actors need more make-up.  OTOH, everybody is now in the scene instead of being cut off at the sides.

The kids are coming back on Sunday to configure the universal remote.  Right now I have four of them.  What a treat.

I have decided I need a new power strip since some of the plugs seem temperamental.  I think I understand why folks talk about the 'good old days'.  The days of having to get up from a chair to change the channel.  I wonder what my grandparents would have thought about all of this technology.

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  1. My parents -- let alone my grandparents -- would have been thrilled with all I take for granted. I know my mother would have loved all the channels. Here's to Mackinac Island.


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