Sunday, January 27, 2013

No More Cookbooks or Cooking Magazines

I have finally made it through all of my recipes cut from magazines and newspapers.  I have pinned more than 1,600 recipes on Pinterest.  I have also saved over 200 recipes on magazine sites where a picture did not exist. 

I have lots of cookbooks.  I have several years worth of Cooks Illustrated magazines and an online subscription to their site.  I get emails every day from Food and Wine with recipes attached.

If I lived to be 1,000, I could never make all of these dishes, though my goal this year is to make a new recipe every time I cook.  So far, I am doing that and have had some good dishes, which I will probably never make again.

I opened my mail and there was a notice that my Bon Appetit subscription was expiring.  I looked at it and wondered why do I need to keep reading about more ways to cook food?  I threw it in the trash.

Last year I let my subscription to Cooking Light expire.  Last week I threw out invitations to subscribe to Saveur and Southern Living.  I know that these magazines need subscribers to stay in business.  They just need to find someone other than me.

My January resolution is to cook new things and stop looking for more ways to do it.  I believe that we eat with our eyes.  So, I will just head to my Pinterest account, see what looks good, and forge ahead.  The other night I had pork medallions with balsamic reduction for dinner.  It was delish.

Today I am making pasta with roasted butternut squash.  Tomorrow, who knows?  But I know where I can find lots of ideas.

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  1. I haven't yet divested my beloved cookbooks, but realistically I probably should. I go to Pinterest for just about any new recipe or cooking idea and I find ten ways to do something. I've got more recipes on Pinterest than I can ever cook.


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