Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Really is a 'Better Granola'

I enjoy granola.  Really good granola with crunch. 

Unfortunately for me, one of the best varieties I ever tasted was one of those small production types and was just too pricey, so I started making my own.

I have tried several different recipes for granola.  Some were too sweet, others too dry.  I had not tried to make any in quite some time, instead just throwing almonds into my daily yogurt.

The other day, the latest issue of Bon Appetit arrived in the mail.  There was a recipe labeled 'A Better Granola'.  It looked really good.

I had all the ingredients called for, including being able to use coconut oil.  So, I figured it was worth a try.

Well, it is a better granola.  I stopped at the grocer's today to buy more yogurt.  When I got home from the movies, I prepared a yogurt and granola parfait with fresh strawberries.  What a wonderful treat.  And using a glass from my collection of Depression stemware makes it taste even better.

My notes on the recipe as printed on the BA website:  I beat the egg white to medium-firm peaks and folded it in to all the other ingredients at the end.  I also used the convection feature on my oven to achieve a nice toasted oat.

Years ago I was fortunate enough to have my make-up done by Pablo of Elizabeth Arden.  He told me to eat more yogurt for good skin.  I do.  I am not sure if the granola contributes to a positive result.  But it sure does taste good. 

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