Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being the Cookie Monster

I love cookies.  I especially love soft, chewy cookies.  I do not think I could ever pick one favorite.  I have been known to give cookie trays as gifts.  One year I went so far as to make my own marshmallows and hot chocolate mix to go along with the cookies. 

I know that I really shouldn't make a lot of cookies for the holidays, because that means I will eat a lot of cookies, something I can't afford to do.  But, I know that I must make a few. 

I am pretty sure I will bake my ginger molasses cookies.  And maybe the chocolate mints.  But instead of making a huge batch, I'll make only what I will use and give away.  I hope.

Here is a link to the Food Network's 12 Days of Cookies.  Two recipes have already been posted and I'll be posting each recipe to my Pinterest account as they occur.  I've never put any ice cream between my ginger cookies, but this looks like a good idea from Guy Fieri. 

Guy Fieri's Gingersnap Stackers

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  1. Oh my! What time are you serving? Love ginger and I love ice cream. This has got to be a favorite.


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