Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Leftovers

It's become a tradition.  While others may spend time catching up with relatives they only see on the holiday, my family sits here watching the Lions lose. Even if you are not watching the game, you can't help but hear the shouting and family room coaching.

The Lions always play on Thanksgiving.  One year we even had to delay dinner while a few went to actually see the game.  When it comes to sports, we arrange our dinners around them.  We even had my birthday dinner during half-time.

I no longer feel the need to watch.  Especially when they lose.  Besides, I am in charge of the kitchen.

As for the holiday meal, my turkey cooked in two hours.  That was one hour less than I had planned.  Since we have now found and fixed the electrical issue with the stove (a loose circuit breaker), it actually maintains a constant temp and works really well.

Maybe too well, as my chiffon cake seemed a little dry, my fault for not pulling it out of the oven sooner.  But the family was all too nice to say anything.  And they ate it.

When I told everyone the buffet was ready, they were all still glued to the TV set waiting for half-time.  All but one.  My five-year old great-nephew marched himself right into the dining room and sat down. 

He seemed to especially like the glazed yams, which his Grandmother told him was 'squash', since he doesn't like yams.  I got to the table last and he conned me into giving him a corn cake, after he had been told by his mother that he had to eat his salad first.  Oh well.

The game came back on during dinner.  When the youngest asked for a glass of water, two folks nearly knocked themselves out of their chairs trying to race out of the dining room to get it.  Really?  Good thing the kid wasn't waiting for the Heimlich maneuver because his mom got stuck in the family room, which was farther away than the kitchen.  Strange.

All in all we had an enjoyable day.  I sent my sons home with leftovers so I am not destined to eat turkey all week-end.  I am going to go off to my yoga class and then spend some time in the whirlpool.  No sales or bargains at the mall for me.  I am going to enjoy this last bit of nice weather this morning as it may be the last we have for a time.  I heard the dreaded 'S' word this morning and it seems we may actually see some tomorrow.

I hope each of you have an enjoyable day and week-end, no matter your plans.

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  1. Sounds like a great day. It's gorgeous here. I've just picked up extra cranberries and I'll do another batch of cranberry apple. Thanks for the jalapeno tip. I learned that the hard way with some peppers in Thailand. Happily, no "S" here in the predictions.


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