Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Case for Online Shopping

Despite what you might think from my earlier post about having too many shoes, I do not like to shop.  I only end up with lots of shoes due to the need to match different outfits, weather conditions, and occasion.

After I finished my hour of cleaning drawers this morning, I headed to the mall to replace some old sleepwear I threw out that had been in the bottom of the drawer for who knows how long.  Actually, I think I have dust cloths in better shape.

I went to a large mall in a nearby community.  Back in the 1970's this mall was proposed for our community, but the local tree-huggers (and non-shoppers) objected.  So off I went to visit the Soma store in the mall ten miles away.

As soon as you enter the mall they have music playing.  Then as you go past each store, the music from each of them is blaring out into the hall.  When you actually enter the store, it is deafening.  The clerk's in the Chico's store were busy discussing the music they had playing.  No one bothered to ask if they could help until I was on my way out.

How do they work all day with this noise?  I walked past one store and if you closed your eyes you might think you were in a disco.  And I was still outside.  Geez.

I strolled into a Lucy store to look for yoga tops.  Again the music was blaring.  By now, I had a headache.  I remembered that a friend says she just orders her stuff from them online.  But if you are that inconsiderate of the shoppers in your store, I am not sure I want to spend my money there.

I don't like to shop, but it is sometimes necessary.  I think if I ran a business, I'd be more concerned with the comfort of my shoppers than I would be in playing hip-hop music for my sales staff. 

Shopping from home.  No stinky perfumes or blaring music.  Sounds tempting.

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