Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good News was the Bad News

Who hasn't known a senior citizen who fell at some point?  Tripping is what we seem to do best.  But my problem is not a lack of balance, it is just plain carelessness.

I am great in yoga class, doing my tree poses and practicing 'warrior III':

 I only wish I was this elegant!

Alas, when I am working around my house my yoga brain goes offline.  Yesterday, I was getting ready to leave my house and go to a meeting.  I opened the door to the garage and noticed the box I had thrown into the garage right in front of the step.

I stepped out of the house onto the small step, grabbed the box, and then stepped down onto a pair of shoes that were under the box, shoes that I never even saw.  Whoa, ho ho!  What a trip!

I immediately crumpled.  My right foot twisted as it hit the shoe and my knee met the floor.  My left arm went down to break the fall.  And then the parked car broke my fall to the floor.  THAT was the good news.

THAT was also the bad news.  It was the side of my head that hit the car.  Nice sturdy Buick.  POW!

I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and headed to my meeting.  My hostess was gracious enough to give me a bag of ice, which I proceeded to move from one body part to the other - my hand, my knee, my face, my shoulder, you name it.

Once I was home that evening, I again did the bag of ice routine, though I have this 'comfort gel pack' that I keep in my freezer.  (It gets a lot of use at my house.)

I guess I need to be more careful.  No, correct that.  I know I need to be more careful and aware of my surroundings.  It is just so easy to move too fast and not pay attention to what we are doing.  And if you happen to be someone who has a problem with balance, the results could be far worse than looking like an idiot sitting at a meeting with a bag of ice on your head.  Take care, my friends.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Arnica! It is the best thing for bruises and and related pain. You can buy it in the drugstore and it's terrific. I learned about it after I broke my elbow falling on a sleety day.

  2. Thanks. My massage therapist recommended 'Biofreeze'. It is a roll-on that also works great.


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