Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Beautiful Place for a Wedding

One week ago today I was in Victoria, British Columbia for my youngest son's wedding.  It was truly a beautiful place to celebrate the occasion.

I had vacationed in British Columbia in 2002, visiting Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler.  It was an amazing trip.  I marveled at the beauty of every place I went, from cosmopolitan Vancouver to the wilds of the train ride to Whistler, prior to it getting 'gussied up' for the 2010 Olympics.  I just knew that my youngest would love to visit this spot.

So, when he and his fiancee decided to have a destination wedding in BC with a few close friends and family, I was excited.  Many of my friends questioned foregoing the big affair with a few hundred folks, but this was the bride and groom's day and I thought they should do what would make them happy.  As it turned out, they got to spend the entire day with us and actually got to sit down and enjoy a meal (I know you have seen weddings where the bride and groom spend the entire time wandering from table to table and then sudenly realizing that the day is over).

The site of the wedding was Hatley Castle on the grounds of Royal Roads University.  Here are some photos from the day. 

The rehearsal

The big day

The lovely flower girl

Signing on the dotted line and making it official

The food - seared tuna appetizer

Back at the hotel at the end of the day (my hair has totally wilted!)

Spending the day after the wedding at Butchart Gardens

The sunken garden.  Who would have thought an old limestone quarry could be so beautiful.

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  1. What a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful site. I love Vancouver, too, and would happily fly out for a wedding. Many happy wishes to the bridal couple.


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