Saturday, June 23, 2012

The War on Deer and other Four-legged rodents

While my neighbor was telling me about the deer visiting another house on our block, it seems he forgot to look at his own front yard.  He already complained that they ate all the roses along his fence in the back.  What we noticed walking around is that they ate every daylily in his front yard.  Walked right up to the front entry and devoured every one.

Now to be fair, it could have been a very tall groundhog.  But I doubt it.

So, whether my strategy is good defense or offense, I have decided to employ all techniques this year.  We have granules that smell, and dried blood that is sprayed on everything, little canisters that emit some odor they don't like and now - Tents.  That's right.  Tents constructed of deer netting.

Last year I used the netting, but I just laid it over the plants.  This year I got more sophisticated, as shown below.  I also found a use for old political sign wires.  They work well for holding up the net in the middle.

Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out how I will remove the daylilies each day that have already bloomed.  They may just have to lie on the ground until the end of summer.

I still think fully enclosed lots would be nice.

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