Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Garden Surprises

We had a very mild winter here in the Midwest.  That did not help some of the plants in my garden, especially those that need the winter protection that snow provides.  I am not seeing any of my heliopsis emerging from the soil.  I started these from seeds back in the mid-70's.

I am hoping they are just being cautious and will emerge this week.  My joe-pye weed emerged and got blasted by the frost and now has to start all over again.

A potted rose that I kept in my garage during the winter for the last five years did not survive.  I never thought that it would not go dormant and so I should have watered it.  Poor thing just completely dried up.  It is being replaced with the Knock-out rose.

But there are a couple of neat surprises.  While I have grown coral bells for many years, I have never, ever seen any seedlings.  This spring I have found at least one.  Not a fancy variety, but nice to see, nonetheless.

I have also spotted a hosta seedling, so I am curious to see what it will look like as it matures.

I have also been adding new hosta plants as I have never seen a hosta I didn't like. My latest is this 'Old Glory'.  I'd post pictures of the other four I have planted this year, but the frost got to the leaves before I did with my camera.

I also added a Bloomerang Lilac to the side yard.

And after 40 years of living here, I am putting in a wisteria vine.  I still have to go buy the metal supports I've finally decided on.  Growing up, there were two wisterias on the street where I originally lived (at my aunt's) in Detroit.  Going back to my aunt's home as I got older, I always marveled at their beauty.  Now I have taken the plunge.  It is going to go in one of the spots where we removed honeysuckles.  I am looking forward to watching it mature.

Now it is back to the outdoors this morning, moving plants and putting new ones in the ground.


  1. Hi Denise, I had a quick question about the Heliopsis that did not want to emerge in spring, did they come after all or not? I am having a similar situation with my Heliopsis, although it is only mid April here in Colorado, everything else pretty much shows green growth for a few weeks now. If they did come, how late did they wait to show new growth? And when do they normally emerge for you? Thanks, Dani

    1. I lost my heliopsis. I am not sure why. My friend lost several hosta that year and we are thinking that the moles and voles ate the roots. We had a very mild winter then, as opposed to this year in the arctic freeze. My daylilies had finally popped up - the temp hit 80 on Sunday - and then we got three inches of snow. I think I should just go to Michael's and buy silk flowers and stick them in the ground.

  2. Thanks! It really sounds like it was Mother Nature! Did you replant some more or replace them altogether?

    1. I ended up replacing them with a newer variety, but not the same as my ones from seed. I am sure after this harsh winter I will have lost several things. I'll just wait and see. At least the latest batch of snow is just about melted.

    2. Hey Thanks! Do you see any new growth on your current variety or are they still dormant?

    3. Other than some daylilies, everything here is still dormant. Besides, my yard is so wet, I cannot even get over to the beds to see what is happening. I'll start updating my garden activity as soon as I am done with the A to Z challenge this month. Hopefully, May will have better weather. Temp right now is 31.

  3. Ok thanks! It turns out that my heliopsis is finally emerging, Colorado has an interesting spring:)
    Good Luck to you too. Sometimes patience works and other times a plant did not make it through the winter... I take it all in stride but I am very happy to see a plant return again:)
    Happy Easter!


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