Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Decorations

I went to the local nursery today to pick up a poinsettia plant.  While I was walking around, I overheard a woman talking on her cell phone.  I assume that if you are in the middle of the store gabbing on a phone, your conversation is public property.

This woman is telling her friend that she just finished decorating her 14th tree.  I saw her basket was full of ornaments and figured that she was a professional tree decorator.  As her conversation continued I realized that all of the trees were in her home.  She told her friend that her husband was busy putting together papers to have her committed.  Fourteen trees?  Really?

This is my third year in a row now without a Christmas tree.  When my sons were younger we had two trees.  One that I decorated and one they could decorate.  But once they were all out of the house, putting up a tree for a couple of family dinners was just too much work.

The last few years I have brought out different decorations.  I have about one-half of my holiday items out in the rooms we use.  I keep asking my sons if there are any items they want, but never get a positive response.  So, here is what we have for this year.

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