Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Great Place to Read

I have four email accounts.  I only receive important mail in two of them.  The others are there by necessity, but never mind those.  In those accounts that I use, I get some mail that I open immediately.  I get other mail that I save for days when I have time to read the contents.

So, the other day I was cleaning up some old mail and found an article on libraries of famous people.  Oh, to be rich. 

My very first job out of high school was in the book department of the J L Hudson Company in downtown Detroit.  I bought lots of books, including at one point an autographed copy of 'Rosemary's Baby'.  Over the years I gave away many of these books including the aforementioned autographed copy.

Unfortunately, I do not have space for all of the books I've collected.  I have two filled bookcases in my family room.  While looking at the pictures of the libraries of the 'rich and famous', I thought that I could add a wall of books to my office space.  But, at this point in my life, it seems like a waste of money.

So, I'll keep those books that I really love in the hope that someday I'll have time to reread them.  And if I feel the need to surround myself with more books, I'll hike over to the library and sit by the fireplace and read.  Or just stay here and curl up on the chaise with a good book.  And if I close my eyes, I can imagine that I still have all the hundreds of books I've given away.  All sitting on beautiful wooden bookshelves in a spacious library of my own.

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