Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last of the Daylilies?

The rain has done a number on the flowers.  They are truly water-logged.  I put a shovel in the ground this morning and hit puddles of water.  There are a few daylilies still with flowers, but the peak in the garden has passed.  I still have some 'unidentifieds'.  That is either due to the fact that they did not bloom this year, or when a bloom opened it was nipped by an animal or drenched by this rain. 

There are a few that I have not shown that I have labeled.  I do not feel too bad if I have mislabeled some as I have 'googled' each of the varieties online and found pictures that I am sure are mislabeled.  I guess that is not an issue at all unless I am selling them.  So, here are the Final Four, so far as I know this season.

Golden Prize



Sunset Sonata

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