Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a Little Distraction: Blogging

There is another reason why I find it so hard to post to this blog.  I get distracted.  While I was writing the last entry, I decided to find an old picture of the house. Not so easy.  I know where all the photo albums are, I just don't know which one has the right pictures. 

Wouldn't you know it, the last one I looked at was the one I needed.  That was after browsing through albums with pictures of Australia, Paris, Northern Minnesota, Lake Superior, British Columbia, oh, I digress.

Anyway, I find the correct album and while thumbing through it for a photo I find a picture from my oldest son's fifth birthday party that he had asked me to send him.  Like two years ago.  I could never find it because it was in the album with the garden pictures and not the birthday albums.  Am I organized or what???  (Meanwhile, the cabinet with the albums is still open and the albums are on the floor.)

So, I come in here to send him an email saying that I found it and that I will send it (and no rush on that since he is in Malaysia) and find an email from the local newspaper editor.  I respond and after getting out of my account, remember that I forgot to email my son.

Meanwhile, I still have not found a photo of the house to use for the blog.  Finally find it, scan it, with some loss of color after 30 years, and get it posted.  If I got paid by the hour for blogging, I'd be rich.  Of course, I'd probably forget to log my time.

Oh, and here is the photo of Erin and Sophie strolling in the garden in 1982.

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