Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goin' Chicago Way

I have no idea why there are so many daylilies with 'Chicago' in the name.  According to my records, I purchased Chicago Rosy, Chicago Silky, Chicago Thistle, and Chicago Regal.  Hmmm.  I also had a Tibetan Terrier named 'Chicago'.

Anyway, I have only been able to identify two varieties so far.  I already had discovered Chicago Silky:

But the daylily that in my head I remembered as something else, thanks to my miraculous powers of memory, most likely is Chicago Rosy.  It is growing in the spot where the charts show it.  And even though it is taller than the AHS database says it should be, so is everything else.  This seems to be the year that everything is going, and growing, wild in my yard.

 Chicago Rosy

I had convinced myself that it was really 'Scarlock'.  But the online photos did not match up, so I must have mixed them up at some point in time, or just plain forgot.  Imagine.


Anyway, I think I have the reds taken care of.  At least what is blooming.  I am sure over the years some were tossed or just died off.  Probably drowned in the flower bed.  I'm 99% sure this last red for today is Red Rum.  I wonder if the naming was a play on words since it is a rusty blood red color.  Red rum / mur der

Red Rum

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