Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is not a Bed and Breakfast

While walking through my yard on Thursday morning, I noticed that my tall columbine plants, in full bloom, had been chewed off and were lying on the ground.  They were not eaten, just chewed off and left to rot.  Looking at the marks and the level they were cut at, I figured that the deer had come through and chewed them off to clear a path.  Well, they were almost done blooming anyway.

Yesterday, with all the rain, I sat in the house and read a book (after I spent three hours on a conference call meeting).  We got a lot of rain as evidenced by the now full bird baths in the yard.

This morning I looked in the back and noticed that the stream under my bridge was almost dry.  How could that be?  Did my sump pump stop working?  I went outside to check the discharge line and felt my blood pressure soar.

The line dumping onto the rocks was moved.  A further check showed that the supports were knocked over.  Moving back toward the house I saw that the line was completely disconnected and the window well and all areas around the house were full of water.  Wonderful.

I had just re-attached the connection earlier in the week.  I figured I had not tightened it enough in the spring.  Obviously, this was not my fault.  Something had walked through here and knocked the line off and moved it. 

Then I saw the lilies and chives growing behind the house.  They were flat.  Flat as a pancake.  A lawn area nearby was also flat.  Only one explanation for the damage.  Night time visitors.

I think the deer need to find out that I am not running a B&B.  I am really thinking of putting a fence all around my back yard area.  Just as if I had a pool.  I already have the fence on one side because my neighbor has a pool.  Actually, as I've mentioned before, I'd like a fence around my entire yard.  I also have neighbors who would like the same thing. 

I purchased two four-foot tall cranes to place in the back by the water.  I think I need to go online and see if I can find statues of coyotes, or wolves, and place those in the yard.  Maybe then the critters will find another place to hang out.  They certainly are not welcome here.

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