Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's not to Like? : Retirement

Last week I received a call from an executive search firm.  They had been given my name be someone who thought I would be qualified for a CFO position at a non-profit in Detroit.  My first question after I thanked him for calling (and for realizing that there is someone out there who thinks I am still sane and still around) was whether or not the position was full-time.  When he said it was, I told him I would not want to work at anything resembling full-time employment.

We got into a discussion of retirement after he seemed surprised that I was enjoying it.  Those who know me well know that I spent a full nine years at home as a full-time Mom before going to graduate school.  Consider it a preview of life at home.  And I never got bored. 

I remember one of my sorority sisters, who just happened to live on the next block and gave birth around the same time I did, telling me she was going back to work after six weeks because there was nothing to do at home.  Diaper changing, feeding, cuddling, laundry, play time?  I must have been doing something wrong.  Sure seemed to be enough to keep me busy.

Ask me and I will tell you that now, after a return to the workforce for more than 20 years, I love retirement. Unfortunately, I have heard from more than one retiree that they do not enjoy it. I mean, what is not to like about it? No alarm clocks, no deadlines, no traffic (though I only drove one mile to work), no wondering 'what to wear'. C'mon. Everyday is Saturday. That being said, if you have 'to do' lists, you are to doing seven days a week.

This was not the first job that has been sent my way.  One was for a community who wanted a finance officer/treasurer/IT director/chief cook and bottle washer and all at a salary I paid my former Deputy.  That is not unusual in this economy.  Communities are looking to hire one person to do the jobs of three people they sent into retirement.

Another job was for a large city involving not only full-time day employment, but also night meetings.  Uh-oh.  Been there, done that.  No more late nights for me.

After an interesting discussion with the recruiter I told him I would send him my resume in case someone was looking for someone part-time or on a consulting basis. 

As I told the elderly (65+) woman in Costco yesterday, who was racing with her cart (with one pineapple in it, go figure) to pass everyone in the line to leave the store,  'What's your hurry?  Life is not a race to the finish line.'

Me? I am on 'coast'.  Saves energy and no ulcers.

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