Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too clever for Words

I've mentioned before that I do the NY Times crossword each morning.  Back in March, I did one that was just too clever, IMO. 

I could never construct one of these.  I am pretty good at Scrtabble, but then I am not trying to fill in the entire board. 

The puzzle on March 19 had 21 multiple word answers in the 15 x 15 grid.  Going across there was:

car bombs
I told you
rest stop
at em
on leave
Tex Mex
crepe pan
a average
in spades

On the down side:

stood apart
Lord it over
Eugene Levy
up as
ate into
rose tinted
message pad
Jamaica rum
even more so
text editor
in a rage
Iran Air

The Times stopped giving clues such as 'two words' many moons ago.  Once I got my head around the fact that these were multiple word answers it made life simpler.  I just wish I were as clever.

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