Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Official

Twenty-six months after my retirement I have made it official:  I am RETIRED.  OK.  You may be thinking that you already thought I was, but now the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) has 'officially' acknowledged my 'retired' status.  Let me explain.

My CGFM, Certified Government Financial Manager, designation comes from the AGA.  Every two years must must attest to having attained eighty hours of continuing professional education (CPE) in order to keep the designation.  In January of 2009, having the hours under my belt, I paid my dues and continued my certification.  I actually thought for a time that I would return to the work force if the right position came along.  But even when positions looked promising, pay and benefits or working conditions did not.  Seems like a lot of distressed communities are the ones looking for help and aggravation was not in my plans.

So, this year when my dues notice came, I asked to be placed on the 'CGFM-Retired' status.  I had to assure the AGA that I had no intention of returning to the field of public finance.  Certainly for now it is true and if there was a reason to re-enter the field in the future I am sure some family member will take action to straighten out my thinking.

All of this came about in a week where we had Regis Philbin, age 79, decide to retire, saying he should have done so years ago.  And today an announcement that John Dingell, age 84, will run for office again in 2012.  What part about leaving doesn't he get?

For me, retirement is just where I want to be, though a warmer place to be retired would be great, too.

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  1. Hi, Denise... I too thought I was fully retired. But, after a few years of "floundering around," I figured out that I missed having an intellectual challenge. So I've returned to do some part-time consulting. I guess now I'm semi-retired. Seems to me that we retirees would to well to remain flexible. Who knows? We might elect to change from one sort of retirement to another. Bill


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