Monday, October 25, 2010

Out for a stroll

Last Wednesday I left my home to head over to the library to pick up a book.  As I started down the road, what do I see but a coyote out for a brisk walk at two in the afternoon. 

I should mention that one of my big gripes when I was on the board of trustees was the levy of the safety path millage.  The ballot issue only passed by two voters and I felt then, and still do now, that it should not have been levied without a very good majority.  Furthermore, there is very little traffic on any of these paths considering the number of residents we have.  And they are darned expensive to construct.

So, back to the coyote who obviously was using the path for its intended purpose.  Hey, no risk of a motorist hitting him.

I have seen them before in the Township.  One was standing and howling on my deck one night, apparently letting others know that this was his territory.  No argument from me as he has killed several small annoying rodents and the like.

So, Mr. Coyote is hiking down the road.  I thought I would grab a pic with my cell phone so I turned around and went back to where he was walking.  I pulled into a subdivision and he and I made eye contact through the window.   He just stood there glaring at me rather curiously.  He was unbelievably mangy and looked like he had not eaten in awhile.

Unfortunately, I had run out of the house and left the phone on the counter, so no pic.  But I found this on the web and it is very similar to what I saw, though this guy looks much healthier. 

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