Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Go Away

I've already voted absentee.  I've made up my mind and nothing was going to change it.  Admittedly, in some races I found both major party candidates lacking ... in lots of areas.  So, no vote there.

But that does not mean that my evenings will not be disrupted by the phone ringing and some volunteer wanting to remind me to vote for Candidate (fill in a name).  It is nauseating.  I'd rip the phone out of the wall or turn it off completely, but if I forget to turn my cell phone on, I might miss someone important. (not any candidates, of course)

There are also the flyers left on the porch and on the mailbox, not to mention the daily flyers in the mail.  Can you spell 'circular file?'

Then, while sitting in front of my computer this afternoon, I heard a dog barking up a storm out front.  I got up to see a neighbor walking his dog and talking to someone in my driveway.  The neighbor moved on and the guy turned around with 'FLYERS IN HIS HAND'.  I opened the front window and told him not  to leave anything.  He looked hurt.  I told him I had already voted. 

He smiled and said, "Did you vote for candidate ABC?''   I said, "Of course not!"  I thought he was going to cry.  It was like he couldn't believe I had said it.  It felt good.  I may have to answer my phone and upset every caller out there.  And then again...

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