Friday, July 16, 2010

Fitting an Elephant in a Smart Car

Most men will probably not be able to relate to this blog today, so perhaps you should Google what LeBron is doing.  Today I am ranting about the 'quart size zip-top bag'.

When I went to Chicago in May, I drove.  Yay for the full-size sedan trunk.  You could fit two bodies in there, maybe even a baby elephant.

Last month, when I flew to Las Vegas, I checked my bags, even though I only had a carry-on.  'Why?' you ask?  Because of the quart size zip-top bag (QSZTB), that's why.

What do men have to squeeze in there?  Shaving cream?  Toothpaste?  But women have way all sorts of stuff to cram in.  For example, I have hand cream, moisturizer for my face, moisturizer for my body, toothpaste, sunblock, liquid make-up, hair gel, hair mousse, skin toner, and antibiotic ointment.  I have more stuff, but it won't fit, therefore making bag-check necessary.

Once I got pulled out of the security line with a tube of mascara in my purse.  Truth.  Since then they have eased the rules and allow lipsticks and compacts to be in your purse.  I can go away for 10 days with a carry-on only, but then have to deal with the QSZTB. 

I firmly believe that it is all a trap to get money from us.  Keep the items to under 3 ounces and make you squeeze them in a small bag, or pay to check your luggage (even though I get free baggage on Delta) and avoid the QSZTB.  Or carry on the bag and see what freebies you can get from the hotel before you go shopping in your destination city.  (not recommended, since I actually forgot to place the bag in my suitcase one time).

So, what is LeBron doing today?  Bet he's not squeezing his stuff into a QSZTB.

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