Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Problem with Geese

Yesterday was a very 'off' day for me.  I injured my shoulder a year ago while cutting down a large bush in my yard.  When traditional medicine could not ease the pain, I opted for the non-traditional (i.e. not covered by any medical insurance).  It has been helping, but digging holes to transplant flowers finally caught up with me this spring and yesterday I opted for the prescription muscle relaxant to ease the pain.

If you have ever taken one, you may have had my experience of being completely 'zoned out'.  I do not do well on any pain medication.

That being the case, I sat myself in front of the TV set and between naps and dozing off, I watched 'You Don't Know Jack'.  (There are many people who think I don't know 'jack' about anything. So be it. I usually feel the same about them.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  But what I really got a kick out of was Jack trying to get rid of the geese at the Morris Lake house where he was living.  He was using an air rifle to scare them away, but it didn't seem to be working.  He had goose poop everywhere.

Last Friday I called Julie Oakes from the DNR to ask some questions about geese.  I live on a private park in my subdivision.  There is a branch of the Rouge River that flows through it.  Once the spring rains are gone, it becomes nothing more than a muddy mess. 

Early this spring four geese showed up.  They were on top of the children's play structure and I think you can imagine what it looks like in that area.  Thank goodness I have no young children playing over there.

I called Julie to get some tips on what can be done.  She suggested that I go online and look for deterrents.  I found a great light that comes on at night to disturb their sleep cycle.  Problem:  It costs $349.99.  Plus shipping.  And the area would need two of them. 

She also suggested that the grass go uncut.  Easy enough.  Geese do not like tall grass.  They like to eat well-mowed greenery.  Online I found that a six-foot wide swath of uncut grass will keep them from your yard. 

I am thinking of placing the deer netting that I used to cover my hydrangeas across the back lot.  That would hopefully keep deer and geese away from the lot, at least from the park side. 

I cannot imagine what a mess will be back there once the eggs hatch and all of them are grazing.  YUCK!

If you Google 'nuisance geese' as Julie suggested, you will find lots of information.

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