Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doin' What Comes 'Nature'ally

I have spent the last two days doing something I love - Working in my yard.  It helps that a few neighbors walked by and told me how nice my house always looks, both winter and summer.

I had told myself that I was not going to do any yard projects this year.  Just maintenance.  Well, I suppose I could call this project maintenance and file it under the category of 'getting rid of grass'.

I have been on a mission for many years of eliminating most of the grass in my yard.  The way I see it, unless I am running a golf course, why do I want grass?  It is labor intensive or costly, or maybe even both.  (I cut my own but hire someone to fertilize).

So the south side of my house has zippo grass. Half the grass has been removed from the backyard. The north side is all perennials and patio.

 While I am content to leave one small side in front with the green stuff, I have been getting rid of grass in the front.  The area that lies between the front plantings and the garage is going to become a rock garden of sorts.  A friend suggested that some rocks, a small table and chairs, maybe a sculpture would fit perfectly.  I couldn't agree more.  Let the digging begin.

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