Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Patience is NOT my Middle Name

I have never had much patience.  I like people to know how to get things done and do it.  My motto is 'Lead or get out of My Way'.  Driving in this area really tries my patience and today was no exception.

I'll not get into particulars but think 'riding the brake' and 'Oh, was I supposed to look before pulling into traffic?'  I find myself gritting my teeth and wondering how they ever passed their driver's test.  And then I remembered something.

My mother-in-law lived and worked in Chicago.   She had an older sister who also lived and worked in Chicago.  Neither of them ever had the need for a car as there was always public transportation.

As they got older both decided to move to the suburbs and buy a three-flat house together.  While my mother-in-law had already been driving, Aunt Kathryn had never driven nor had a license to do so.  So off she went to the local license bureau and applied for a license.  She took her eye exam and a written test and was given a license.  No road test.  She had never, ever been on the road driving.  We all decided that someone figured no one would apply for their first license in their 60's, so they would just issue it with no test.

So, the next time you are behind a driver and wonder how they passed the test, remember that perhaps they never even took one.

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