Saturday, January 9, 2010

You're running a 'Little Late'?

Breakfast once a month is always at the same place. This month, 'Our leader' suggested we try a new restaurant.  We planned to meet at ten when the restaurant opened.  I arrived about ten minutes til and saw no cars in the parking lot.  I wondered where all the staff was.  The others arrived and we made the brilliant decision that the place was closed (Hint: no lights and the door was locked).  We were discussing going back to our usual hang-out when a young man walked up and said they were 'running a little late'.  Hah! 

What were they planning on serving?  Toast and coffee?  Maybe they only have continental breakfasts.  Anyway, breakfast and girl talk was fun and relaxing at our usual haunt.

I, on the other hand, was not running late this morning.  I was up and cooking the beef at 7 am for beef burgundy.  Had everything in the slow cooker by 8.  I'm cooling it down now for lunch tomorrow.  The house smells sooo good.  You know stews of any kind always taste better the next day.

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