Friday, June 8, 2018

GAR Books 51-60

Heart of Darkness - I have not read this, nor have I seen 'Apocalypse Now' which is supposedly based on it?   I can buy it for my Kindle for sixty cents so maybe someday...

The Hunt for Red October - I saw the movie.  I am sure the book is even better.  It usually is.

Invisible Man - No clue.

Jane Eyre - I've read this and I think it is on the bookshelf someplace.  At least until the shelves become obsolete, lol. And I've seen film and TV adaptations.  I like the Brontes.

Jurassic Park - Didn't read the book, but of course I saw the movie.  I was the one screaming the loudest in the theater. 

Left Behind (the series) - No clue.

Little Women - Nope.  Can't get through it at all.  I even turned off the latest adaptation of PBS after 30 minutes.  I have a copy of "Jo's Boys" that I received as a gift when I was a teenager.  I don't think I ever even started to read it.

Lonesome Dove - The entire series of books by Larry McMurtry are on my TBR list and have been for some time.  I love Westerns.  I have watched the TV adaptations of his books many times.  Maybe this should be my 2019 reading project.

Looking for Alaska - No clue.

Memoirs of a Geisha - According to my library reading list, I read this in 2011.  I vaguely remember reading it because of the title, but my 'memory' of this 'memoir' is nil.

I looked at this list and see quite a range of locations, times and genres.  Very interesting.


  1. Read nothing on these ones and probably won't either, LOL. My husband liked a lot of the Tom Clancy books, he said they were very intriguing but you had to be always on guard so to speak in reading them since there were so many characters and some many different ways the plot went.


  2. I have read the Little Women series. I was very much younger. I recently read Jane Eyre and found that I liked it. Which surprised me for some reason.

  3. If you loved the Lonesome Dove miniseries on TV, you'll love the book even more (it's been years since I've read it). John Green - why they chose this book of his I don't know; I've put his The Fault in our Stars on my "Top 15 Books I've ever read" list. (I do enjoy some YA lit). But I am putting "Looking for Alaska" on my TBR list. The Hunt for Red October? Loved it, although I don't get into Tom Clancy in general. (It was his first book) Little Women? I never finished it, either. I may try again. Alana

  4. I read a lot of these books but also have no clue where you said that. I read Little Women but never really enjoyed it. Loved Jane Eyre. I too read Memoirs of a Geisha but don't remember doing so. As for the Tom Clancy books mentioned above, I read several but found them too boringly detailed. Sorry, I don't really care how they built an atom bomb, I just need to know that it was done.


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