Friday, July 10, 2015

Random Thoughts ...

So much to blog about I can't decide, so here are some random thoughts for a Friday...

Fireworks.  I was interviewed on Wednesday by a radio station in Port Huron, Michigan regarding my petition to ban fireworks in Michigan and return to the previous law.  Supposedly this great idea has generated $6 million in yearly revenue.  They can't find that much to cut from their budgets? Again last night someone was setting them off.  No sense in calling the police because by the time they get there the folks have run inside.  They stand in the garage throwing them out which means all they have to do is close the garage door and it looks like no one is even there.  While my petition has only a paltry amount of signatures, the petition I originally signed has over 20,000 and the Detroit News has called for the 2011 law to be repealed in its editorial today.  I think I'll leave the state next year so I do not have to listen to this constant noise.  Texas allows no fireworks within city limits or within a mile of the limits.  Might be hot, but at least it's quiet.

Talking "to-the-point".  I received an email this week from a former finance colleague who said she missed my 'to-the-point' comments in meetings.  I must say that there are many who did not appreciate them.  I thought of those folks yesterday when I read the obituary of an attorney who I had very negative feelings about and made several disparaging comments about.  This all started back in the mid-90's when I was a pension plan administrator and I first met him.  I thought he was sleazy, dishonest, arrogant...  I was told he was very important and not to criticize him.  We crossed paths again shortly before I retired and literally sat on opposite sides of a large conference table arguing proposed revisions to pension law which I supported (mandatory training for trustees) and he opposed.  Well, the man was indicted as part of the Kilpatrick scandal in Detroit and was facing 20 years in prison.  So, maybe more folks should have listened to my instincts and my talking 'to-the-point'.

Global Warming.  Another article today in the paper about the Pope and a letter about who gives him advice about global warming.  Well, let me just say that I had to restrain myself from clicking on the furnace yesterday morning.  It was quite cool in my home.  The rain all morning didn't help either.  Furthermore, I strongly believe in separation of church and state and do not think he should address Congress, but that is just my not so humble opinion.

Daylilies.  I have lots of daylilies.  Too many.  Plants need to be divided as they are jam-packed in the beds.  My charts from the 80's are hopeless since I have moved and shuffled plants over the years. I try hard to make sure when I show a picture that it has the right name.  And I am tying to figure out how pictures from two years ago in my yard show daylilies in different locations from where they are now.  I am pretty sure with baby-sitting last summer I never moved them.  And then I ask myself, does anyone really care unless they are looking for a certain daylily and I am eager to sell it?  That's in my future though and the bunnies may have eaten everything by then.  One was sitting on the front porch this morning.

Here is a pic of a daylily that has been growing in the same spot for 30 years and was labelled 'Red Cherry', but I am not so sure.  I could have mislabeled it in 1986 when I bought it.  Then again, I have nothing else fitting the description for 'Red Cherry'.  Lots more to come next Monday.


  1. You know I agree with you on the fireworks. It will have to take a mayor's son to blow his hand off before something happens. So the old crooked coot died? Well, that solves that I sound cold:) The weather is freaky for sure. I have never heard of England being so hot. I also agree with you that the Church should stay out of politics. Your day lily looks so pretty. Hard to think they are becoming a bit of a pest.

    1. Not cold at all. Just what I thought. .I thought folks would think I sounded cold, but I was not at all surprised when he was indicted for taking bribes. Some folks are just blinded by showmanship. Not me.

  2. And influence. If he's that important, what could he do to me? Too afraid to cross someone like that. Pity, but that's human nature. Go to BC if you want to get away from fireworks, not so hot. Or plan a visit to Australia, they don't allow anything but organised fireworks. Love the daylilly.

    1. I was in BC for Canada Day a few years ago because my son was married in Victoria. Then I came home because I was afraid my house might burn down. Pretty sure I have the wrong name for that daylily, but it is pretty.


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