Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just for Laughs

Seriously, I thought about doing a mind-probing post, very serious and intellectual, and then I checked my Pinterest pins and saw this new one I posted this week:  Here   And then I figured that today was just not the day to expound on anything of any importance.

So, if you are looking for some humor or interesting thoughts, just check out my Pinterest 'Say What?' page and I will spare you my ramblings.  You'll also be able to figure out how my mind works, lol, as many of these really express my feelings on life in general.

That being said, here is what sunrise looked like in my backyard early this morning at 6:00 am with the fog in the park.


  1. Love this picture with the eerie fog. Have a great day and try to stay cool:)

  2. Looks beautiful. I actually don't know how to access Pinterest.

    1. Just click on the links in the post. They appear in blue type.


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