Friday, February 13, 2015

A Friday the 13th Post - Superstition Free

I am not in the least bit superstitious.  As proof, I moved into my home on a Friday the 13th in 1972 and am still here.

I had not even realized it was Friday the 13th until another blogger mentioned it.  And since this is February with 28 days, it means that we will have another FTT in March.

I have been so busy preparing my A to Z posts that I have had little time for blogging here.  So, as a means of catching up, here are a few items:

I have, as of this very moment, 4,000 pins on Pinterest.  The great majority of them are recipes.  And yet I still have recipe files to finish sorting.  Certainly no reason for me ever to get take-out or eat a frozen dinner.  Right!

Speaking of recipes, I am absolutely sick of all the gluten-free recipes I receive in emails.  To read the web you would think this is a condition of epidemic proportions.  Yet, only about 1% of the public has an issue with gluten (according to what I have found online).

But, 25% of the public has diabetes.  Yet, I do not get bombarded with sugar-free recipes, not do I see meaningless labels on foods I buy that are sugar-free.  I bought guacamole, consisting of avocados, tomatoes, and olive oil that was labeled gluten-free.  Really?  Just where would the gluten come from anyway?

Many folks seem to be willing to jump on the bandwagon of any fad diet that comes along.  Gluten-free, Paleo, eat your blood type...  Now comes a report that our cautions about eating foods high in cholesterol are all wrong.  Well, this agrees with what I taught my chemistry lab students back in the 1970's.  I told them that dietary cholesterol is flushed through the body and eating eggs will not harm you.  But, if your liver is prone to producing cholesterol, that is a more serious issue.

And just in the past few weeks I saw a report on the decrease in milk consumption because it is touted as not PC.  Certain folks don't think we should consume the dairy of other animals.  I guess they are related to the non-meat eaters.

I guess I should just go have a green salad for dinner and be done with it.  No meat, eggs, dairy, grains...  Sheesh.

Who has time to be superstitious when all this foolishness about food and diet is going on?

Here is an Arthur video about Friday the 13th:


  1. I am right with you on this gluten free crap. If people have Crohn's disease or something like that then they need to be on a gluten free diet but the average person does not need to be. This is all a fad and it is hyped up by the media which, in turn, brings out all these grocery items stating "gluten-free" and at more than double the price. I remember when we were not supposed to eat eggs or butter...not they are good for you. Now no milk etc... um.....really? Unless one is lactose intolerant, drink milk and enjoy it! Eat whatever you like but just do it in moderation. That is the toughest thing to do. Actually salt and sugar are the 2 worst things to have when it is not in moderation. The problem is that just about every grocery item has these 2 things in it and in abundance! I watched a show called Marketplace(Canadian show) where they go right after certain things that are just plain wrong. It was found that the is 4 times the sugar and salt in items than they were in back in the 70's. Why? We have become addicted and don't even realize it


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