Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New Lists

I am not one for New Year's resolutions.  I am already dreading all of the weight loss ads on TV that typically start at this time of year.  I've already cleaned out much of my closets and basement, though that seems to be a never-ending chore.  But, I do have a few things I plan to do in the coming year and I will be happy to share my future plans with you.

One goal has already been started.  I plan to read all of the Agatha Christie novels.  In truth, I have seen more dramatizations of her works that I have read novels, thanks to Masterpiece Mystery and Hollywood.  Up until a few months ago, I had only read 'And Then There Were None'.  And I read that when I was quite young.  Like maybe 10?  And only after seeing the movie on TV.  But I was hooked on mysteries and can't for the life pf me understand why I never read her novels.  I am reading all of the Hercule Poirot first, but have to admit that I am tempted to also buy the complete series of the Masterpiece presentations.  (though, in truth, I would watch them once and put it on a shelf and I can borrow them for free from my library)

When I am not reading, I will be watching Netflix.  Currently I am not a subscriber, though I had been for several years.  Then I switched to Amazon.  Now I discover that one of my favorite TV shows will only be available on Netflix.  It seems that the audience for 'Longmire' was considered 'too old' for the A&E network so they cancelled it.  Season 4 will be shown on Netflix.  I enjoy westerns, probably because growing up that is what my dad watched on our one and only TV.  What teen-aged girl in the 1960's didn't have a crush on Rowdy Yates on 'Rawhide'?  (a young Clint Eastwood)

Of course, I will also be penning my blog posts for April's A to Z Challenge.  Which means I must finish labeling and editing all of my vacation photos.  And I still have some letters I need to associate with my trip to make my alphabet complete.

I will also be looking for a new blog to follow as regards the New York Times crossword.  For several years I have read a blog when I have been stumped as to the theme or lack thereof in a puzzle.  When I did the puzzle in the newspaper, I rarely checked the blog.  Now that I do the puzzle online, I usually check the blog to see what the author thought of it.  I have become more and more irritated with his whining.  Seems like if he has a hard time with the puzzle he whines about whatever - obscure cluing, not liking Scrabble, never heard of them - UGH.  This morning was another example of a puzzle I found to be fairly easy that he said was medium-challenging.  I didn't even bother to read his reasoning.  So, it seems I will be 'googling' for a new source of clarity and less frustration with someone who whines like a little girl.

Of course, when I am not busy with all of the above, I will be baby-sitting, going to yoga, and using my Christmas gifts.  One son bought me a great chef's knife from Shun and another got me a KitchenAid Pro Line mixer.  The secret to the knife is to ask your son to carve the turkey and give him the worse knife you have in the drawer.  I did give him the carving knife after I realized my 'error', but now I have a really cool knife for chopping.  And my old Kitchen Aid mixer had a hard time with bread dough and my shortbread cookies.  This new one with a 1.3 HP motor should solve those problems.

I wish each of you a very Happy New Year.  And if you are making resolutions, make them attainable and truly useful to you and your loved ones.


  1. Nope, gave up resolutions many eons ago LOL. Hope you have a wonderful New Year and that 2015 is good to you.

  2. I don't make resolutions either and thank God for the Mute button for the TV:) I can't wait for your A to Z challenge. How did your wonderful Christmas dinner go? Did any food make a special highlight? I still use my hand to knead dough-so old school. Happy New Year!

    1. Dinner was very good, but not being a fan of beef, it was my least favorite part. Hope my son enjoyed it for it may not make another appearance for some time. Biggest hit were the lemon cookies I blogged about quite some time ago.


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