Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Tirano

Tirano, Italy.  Another good place to find gelato.  This small town on the Swiss-Italian border is the place to catch the Bernina Express train to St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Here we are approaching the city from the highway.

The Bernina Express took me over the Bernina Pass and on to St. Moritz where I visited the glacier in the Pontresina Valley.  'Express' does not mean faster as driving is actually faster.  But I am sure that the scenery cannot compare.

Waiting for the train in the town square.  The station is on the left.

Boarding the train, notice that this is another UNESCO site.

And we are off:


A town along the way:

At the Ospizio Bernina station.  It is the highest station on the railroad line at 2253 meters (7391 feet).

The view in St. Moritz.  Unfortunately the blue skies were left behind on day 5.

The glacier in the Pontresina Valley:

On my Bucket List:  Turkey


  1. Oh I would love to go horseback riding in the Alps. The region looks so unspoilt

  2. This sounds like a fabulous trip.

  3. Fabulous pictures. I spent a day in this area many years ago and definitely need a return trip.

  4. We went on the Glacier express last year and I think our train went above the viaducts and the Bernina Express goes below :) It is amazing how different Italy in Naples is to the Italy in Tirano!

    Drifting Traveller


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