Sunday, March 16, 2014

What a Week!

I knew it would be a busy week.   It is a good thing that I tend to be well-organized.  If not, I wouldn't have survived.

Last Monday there was a Township Board meeting.  I was asked by several residents if I planned to attend, but I figured the Board could handle it.  After phone calls to me and comments made by residents, I guess I will have to watch the meeting online when I have time.  1) My name came up - again. 2) Apparently they put on quite a show.  I think they could solve all of their money issues in the future if they just sold TV ad time.  They sure have a large enough audience and apparently this particular meeting was quite entertaining.  I was told by one watcher that the old Board I sat on could not hold a candle to these meetings.  and 3) The Detroit News again called for the Treasurer's resignation.  Stay tuned.

I got all my shopping done on Tuesday for the party.  Good thing since we got another ten inches of snow on Wednesday.  It took me two hours to clean my drive and the area in front of my drive, only to have the plows come through and block my access.  I've asked the township to pass an ordinance, but they seem hesitant and it is too late for this year anyway.

Thursday and Friday were busy food prep days.  Plus I had my hair cut on Friday, which took another few hours out of my day when I added in a last minute shopping - only to discover when I got home that I had bought one of the items, I just forgot to take it out of the grocery bag which was sitting on the floor of the walk-in pantry.

Friday was cake day, too.  A vanilla yellow chiffon cake filled with lemon curd and whipped lemon mascarpone, frosted with buttercream.  It was delicious.  I could have eaten the entire cake (two 9x13 layers), but made sure all but two slices went home with my family.  Here is a photo:

Unfortunately, I did not have any time to write any posts for A to Z.  But after having baked ham for the shower, I did work on my Easter menu which will not feature ham or lamb.  I'm going Southern.  I just hope all the snow has melted by Easter so I can grill my food outside.

Did I mention they are predicting more snow this week?  Hope you have nice weather wherever you are.


  1. Love the cake. I always plan lamb for Easter, we happen to like it a lot.

  2. I checked my old menus and we have had lamb almost every Easter. I thought with the long winter it would be nice to switch to something else and found a menu on Southern Living for a southern style Easter.


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