Thursday, March 27, 2014

Whadda Ya Mean Ya Never Heard of Half-Court Basketball?

My son and daughter-in-law came for dinner this evening.  Soon as dinner was done my son headed to the TV to watch the NCAA basketball tournament.  We were all sitting and chatting and for whatever reason I happened to mention that I had played basketball in high school.

I went on to explain that it was 'girl's basketball', half-court, six-on-six.  This took much more explaining than I could ever imagine.  Neither of these two whippersnappers had ever heard of it.

In half-court basketball there are two teams of six players each.  Each team consists of three forwards and three guards.  Forwards and opposing team guards occupy and play on one-half the court and vice-versa for the other half of the court.  Only forwards can shoot the ball.  A player is only allowed  to dribble the ball twice and then must either shoot or pass.

My son was howling so loud at this point I could hardly hear myself speak.  When I told him that usually the games were played on the cross-court instead of the full-length court he said it sounded more like a game of catch.  It was just that us delicate girls could not play the strenuous games boys played (GROAN).

He got out his phone and started looking for information.  Eventually he found a video produced for Iowa PBS.  Called "More than a Game" it is an interesting documentary of the game.  I actually think he thought I was making this stuff up - or the old girl was losing her mind.

It always bothered me that us female athletes were treated differently than our male counterparts in sports back in the day.  Not only were rules written to change the way we played the same sports, but when we did excel we only received small letters for our sweaters.  We were not allowed to have varsity jackets.  And there was no inter mural competition, either.

Women's sports have come a long way.  Thank goodness.

As for my kids, I am glad I could bring such a chuckle to them.  Just wait till I bring out that old Trivial Pursuit game and bury them with 1970's questions.  Payback is hell.


  1. Half court girl's basketball was the norm where I grew up. Ya don't need to explain it to me... LOL, but I'm sure it confuses many people.

  2. My son was laughing so hard you would have thought I was a stand-up comedian. But I guess in this day and age it is pretty hard to imagine playing a game that way.

  3. Guess we didn't have it in England. We used to play rounders (basically like baseball) and netball (think basketball) and field hockey.

  4. I used to love playing football (soccer) when I was a kid, which my parents tried to discourage. Now at the age of 40, I've suddenly discovered sport again and am glad to say that attitudes have changed - not just towards girls, but also towards ageing cartoon characters like myself. ;-)


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