Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Busy Week Ahead

I figured I should sit here and write a post because I have a busy week ahead and will not be spending much time at my computer.

Next Saturday I am hosting a baby shower for my grandson-to-be.  I'd post pictures of my decorations, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for the mother-to-be.  That makes me a grandma-to-be.  Considering how many of my friends were grandmothers in their 50's, I do not at all feel old at the prospect.

We have actually seen the sun a few times this past week and some of the snow is melting.  I can actually see the pavement in the street.  While some more snow is expected this week, it looks to be nice for the upcoming weekend.

As for local news, the same-sex marriage trial in Federal court ended this week here in Detroit.  I cannot believe (or maybe I can) that the state brought in an 'expert' witness to testify that homosexuals were going to hell if they did not repent.  I guess he will see them there eventually since I would think that is where bigots go, assuming you believe in heaven and hell.  I thought we had separation of church and state but I guess that only applies when the state wants it to apply.  The Federal judge in the case lives up the road from me and is a great guy whom I met several years ago.  I wonder how he averted a big eye roll when this 'expert' was on the stand.

Today is also the first day of 'daylight saving time'.  I hate DST.  But I am sure I have blogged about that fact in the past.  Friday one of the radio stations was interviewing the 'guy/gal on the street' about moving their clocks forward.

One woman said she was so happy because she really liked having more daylight.  HUH?  DST has nothing to do with more daylight.  We still have the same numbers of hours of daylight that we would have if we didn't change our clocks.  She must be related to the woman who tried to argue with me that the sun is directly overhead at noon and that is why we have our different time zones. (And I am sure she votes too.) Oh well.

I hope each of you enjoy your coming week.  I'll be busy getting the food ready and while I'll likely not be posting, I'll be busy working on my A to Z posts.  I still have lots to do.


  1. I trust all will go well with your shower.

    You mean we don't get more daylight, gosh I am disappointed. She could always move to Alaska or somewhere similar.

    I still have some A to Z posts to write. Didn't manage to get any done this weekend.

  2. You mean you aren't going to the W.B.meeting Monday night?

  3. I hadn't thought about the meeting when I wrote the blog, but 'no' I do not plan to be there. I've shared my thoughts with the Board members and now they have to make the decision. I probably should check the Treasurer's annual report and make sure she removed any reference to me.

  4. Have fun getting ready for your shindig! I am not happy about having to get up in the dark was a great 2 weeks before the clocks were changed! Oh well, soon enough...


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