Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holy Simoleans

I started setting my table for Christmas dinner last night.  I decided to use not only the 'good china', but also thought I would take out the silver.  Both of these need to be hand-washed, so they do not get much use. 

Then I thought it might be nice to use my Waterford champagne flutes.  But since I only have four, and there will be six of us at dinner, I thought I would use the Lalique angel champagne flutes in the china cabinet. 

Well, maybe not.  I went online to see the current value.  $650 each.  Since I only have myself to blame for breaking three of my Depression era water glasses, I thought that the safest place for the angel glasses might just be in the cabinet.  Maybe I'll use a paper cup. 

If you are interested in purchasing some glasses, below is the link.  And no, I paid no where near that much.  I think they were $50 a piece when they came on the market.



  1. Personally I would sell them. Why own something you can't use.

  2. I remember thinking I should sell them when they were $150 each. I'll let my kids sell them when I'm gone. I have used them in the past.


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