Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Crosswords

It is the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle.  I probably do not turn on the TV in the morning more than five times a year, but there was Will Shortz on the TV talking about puzzles.  Then I saw the Google doodle and a crossword puzzle link.  So, for you puzzle lovers, if you go to, you have the opportunity to do an online crossword.

Here is the link to a story about the crossword and the Google doodle.

And since some folks are getting a different 'doodle':


  1. The Google Doodle I have today is knitting because it is the spring Equinox.

  2. I've got crosswords on Google and I'm happy to see it. I've been doing the Times one since college. I got to hear Will Shortz speak a few years ago and really enjoyed it.


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