Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Uninvited Guest

Thanksgiving leftovers.  Who wants to spend three days cooking a meal and having nothing to eat after company has left?  Not me.

So, yesterday I sat down to enjoy leftover turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and oh so many good things.   And out of the corner of my eye as I sat at my kitchen table I saw movement.  Wondering what I was seeing, I got up from my chair and wandered to the window to see a deer limping through the park.  And not just any deer, but a ten-point buck.

I grabbed the camera, made a bee-line for the deck and shot this photo:

There he is stuck behind the deer-netting.  Maybe the aroma of turkey attracted him.  Who knows.  After we had a 'stare-down' contest, I think I won.  He left and I went back to eating my turkey.  (If shooting here was legal, we might have been eating venison.)

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