Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Kingdom for a Rose, or two

Blaze Climbing rose (I really should paint my side of that fence!)

A pink knockout rose
Bonica shrub rose - the oldest rose in the garden.  It grows in the shade and is just so pretty.
 White Out Knockout Rose
 The first rose bud for this year.  This knockout rose spent the winter in the garage and got a head start on blooming.  Now it is so heavy with blossoms it is bent over.
The newest addition, Sunsprite, a floribunda rose.  It has the most incredible fragrance!
I have one coral knockout that has yet to open.  It got a severe pruning this spring, but should flower within the week.


  1. Lovely roses. I do miss having a rose garden.

  2. Oh, those are gorgeous roses.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. Beautiful. I'm not a fan of cut roses, and I don't care for artificial rose scents, but on the bush, they are sublime. I only wish I could grow my own. The best I can do is promise not to touch the few vines we have and pray they continue to thrive.

    VR Barkowski


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