Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for the United States

This was a hard decision for me.  I have touched on so many of the different states, that I was tempted to pick United Kingdom.  But then I thought I would mention those states that did not get a mention so far.  I have not visited all of the continental 48; never gone to Hawaii or Alaska. 

So, since my remaining letters will all touch on a specific place, here is a sampling of places to visit in the United States that I have missed mentioning already.  The destinations in bold are ones listed in the book '501 Must Visit Destinations'.

Arizona - The Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert - Okay, I was wrong.  It is not just a big hole in the ground.  I was absolutely amazed.  You stand there and look out over the edge and have no idea how far down it is other than that it is really far.  (It is about one mile down to the river.)  Nearby is the Painted Desert in Cameron.  Even in late June temperatures went from the 90's in the day to 30's at night, so pack accordingly.  And be sure to take a helicopter ride over the canyon.  You won't be disappointed.

File:Hearst Castle Casa Grande September 2012 panorama 2.jpgCalifornia - Big Sur and Carmel-by-the Sea along with the California Redwoods, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite - So much to see in California and here are five 'must-see' destinations.  Big Sur occupies about 89 miles of the Pacific Coast.  While the views are spectacular, a must see is Hearst Castle in San Simeon at the southern most point of the drive.  Built by William Randolph Hearst's father there are 168 rooms in the main house and three guest houses along with 127 acres.  The indoor pool is to die for.
Carmel-by-the Sea, on the Monterey Peninsula north of Big Sur, is another lovely area and is the home of Pebble Beach Golf Course.  The 17-Mile Drive has stunning views.
Travel north from Monterey on US 101 to see many giant redwoods.  To the Northeast from Monterey is Yosemite National Park, seen in the photo below.  Traveling north from Yosemite is Lake Tahoe on the Nevada border, another must-see. 

New York New York City, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty - Who doesn't love to visit New York City?  I couldn't even begin to list everything I love in the city:  walking in Central Park, strolling through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, eating at Balthazar.  You get the idea.  There is something about seeing the Statue of Liberty up close that sends chills up and down my arms.  And I've been meaning to get back to Ellis Island to see the plaques I had made for both of my grandfathers.  Someday. 

Oregon -  Mt. St. Helens - While the place to see is Mt. St. Helens according to the book, I only saw it from the road.  What I really loved seeing was the Pacific coastline.  But the best part of my trip there was the white-water rafting on the Rogue River.  Understand that taking a picture while bouncing around is not easy; here is my shot. 

South Carolina - Charleston - A city on my 'bucket list', I finally got there a few years ago.  If the South wasn't so hot and humid, I'd gladly relocate.  This city has old homes, the Atlantic Coast, history and great food.  I found that I had 'house envy'.  I love the front porches, which would look ridiculous on my modern ranch home, but still...  A wonderful relaxing visit.  And Savannah, Georgia is just a short drive away. 

Montana - Glacier National Park - One of my personal 'must visit' places.  I have blogged previously about Glacier.  The views are phenomenal.  Travel the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  Enjoy being 'in the clouds'.  At right is one of my favorite views, taken as the sun was coming up behind our lodge.

And these are my 'must see' places in the United States in addition to those I have already blogged about. 


  1. Your photos make me long to visit some of those places. The world is so beautiful, especially the nature in the United States.
    A - Z Challenge

    1. So many beautiful places in the world. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Enjoy your retirement! There are so many beautiful place to see in the USA. Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of my favorites!
    Happy A to Z!


  3. Arizona is magnificent. The Grand Canyon and Painted Desert, oh and I love Sedona too. My family's been in California for seven generations and there are still sites I haven't seen, and I've yet to explore NY or Charleston (which is embarrassing since I live in Atlanta). What an amazing country!

    VR Barkowski


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