Sunday, March 24, 2013

Words, Words, Words and WWF

Words with Friends.  Wow.  Nothing comes close to matching the number of readers of my post last year about Words with Friends.  Over 1,200 views so far. 

I find that encouraging.  Not that people are playing games on their tech devices, but that they are playing a game that challenges their mind.

Unfortunately, I could never get WWF to work again on my Kindle Fire after it shut down.  As you may remember, I switched to Scrabble and now play against the computer.

I have tried playing against random opponents in Scrabble, but after a few words, when I am ahead by 100 points or more, they stop playing.  But the computer never quits.

The other day I won again against 'it'.  I decided to take a photo of the final board because I found the entire game quite intriguing. 

First, over 900 points were scored without even using three of the triple word squares.  But more interesting was the placement of the Z, Q, and J tiles in a diagonal line.  The tiles are hard enough to use without trying to place them next to each other.

I will admit that except for the words, to, pie, an, it, and or, I am not likely to use any of the others in a normal conversation.  But that is what makes this game so challenging.  Plus, my new knowledge of words comes in handy when I do the NYT xword.

Happy word games.

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