Friday, March 8, 2013

A Letter to Michigan Businesses

Dear Business Owners in Michigan,

I hope you are enjoying the tax breaks you have received from the State.  You must be thrilled.

In addition to your tax breaks, you no longer will have to worry about those pesky unions representing your workers.  The days of their effectiveness in protecting your employees are surely on the wane.  Pat yourselves on the back.

I am doing my part to make you happy by contributing more of MY money to the State so that you can keep yours. 

Unfortunately, you will be seeing less of my smiling face in your small local businesses.  Since I have fewer dollars of disposable income to spend, I have had to make those hard choices of where I will not be spending them.

I am a pretty good cook.  That means that I will spend even fewer dollars than I already do at local eateries.  100 fewer breakfasts or lunches, or 400 fewer dinners each year.  Sorry.  NOT.

I can certainly get  by with spending less money on new clothes.  But I am sure that Chico's and Macy's can survive without me.

There was that idea of a vacation up north, but if I am limited in what I can spend, then I'd rather opt for someplace more exotic than Beaver Island.  I mean, funds are limited, so I must make the best of my choices.

You see, what I don't understand is how taxing any of its citizens more and putting the money in the hands of the State can possibly make businesses grow?  If I have less money to spend, you have less money to earn, even if you pay fewer taxes.  How can you sell a product that no one can buy?  It is just supply without demand.

Alas, I likely sound like just another whiner and I am sure you do not care.  But maybe when we all stop frequenting your establishments, you will get the general idea.  Unlike the government, I do not spend money I do not have.

Have a good day!  While it lasts.

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