Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh What a Wonderful Time!

If I say so myself, the cocktail party was a huge success. How else to explain that the friends who arrived at 6:30 were still here as the clock approached midnight. All my 'Cinderella' friends packed up and headed off into the fog and rain just before the clock struck 12, hopefully full and happy.

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and so much. And I learned so much in one evening!

I did not know that playpens for young children are not used anymore.  Apparently there is some kind of corral system with movable gates, I guess like they use for cattle.  Who knew?  I found this image online and wonder how it is better than what we used 30 years ago.  It is not square?

 Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen (Jbw-8 Model)
I also learned that young children are no longer covered with blankets or have bumpers on their cribs.  They are placed in sleepers and then enmeshed in some coverall to keep warm.  It is amazing that so many of us baby-boomers are still around.  How come my mother never ground up baby food for me?  Where were my soothing sounds of the ocean to get me to sleep?  And strollers made to fit a child until the age of six?  You got to be kidding me.  If you are going to nursery school and kindergarten, then walk.

I was also introduced to tales of all sorts of reality shows which I never watch.  One about duck calls, folks on the road looking for useful junk, and programs about 'child abuse' called 'Todders and Tiaras' and someone named 'honey boo-boo'.  Then there are the Kardashians and some rapper with eleven kids from eleven different women.  The general consensus was that many of these shows are nothing more than train wrecks.  Well, if I want to see a train wreck in action, I could watch C-Span.

Ever have a doll called 'Poor Pitiful Pearl'?  I never even heard of her.  I must say she provided many of our chuckles.  Only one person had ever seen one; it belonged to her recently-deceased mother-in-law.  The image that someone brought up on their phone made it look like she did not have a mouth.  I guess back in 1958 when she was introduced I was just too busy with my sports activities to think about a doll.  But her back story turned out to be quite interesting, being the creation of William Steig, better known for Shrek.

The talk of Pearl led us to 'Hello Kitty'.  A lack of young girls in my family left me clueless on this one too.  Seems that Hello Kitty really does not have a mouth.  According to what one friend found on the Internet, that is so you can project your own emotion onto the character.  Right.

I had such a good time, it will take me a few days to recover.  But I must say that I have to add a #11 to AARP's tips for better health.  Laugh.  The best medicine there is.

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  1. Sounds like a great evening. Haven't given a party in awhile -- September was the last -- and I'd like to start entertaining this year. Thanks for the boost!


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