Friday, January 11, 2013

Better Health through Partying

Back in December a couple of my friends and I decided to throw a 'Survivor's Party' after the holidays.  Tomorrow is the big day.

I said that I would host the party at my house and provide the food.  We'll have the usual cheese and fruit tray, crackers, veggies and artichoke dip, baked brie, along with my poached shrimp, ham and cheese in puff pastry and honey-glazed chicken bites.  Pastries and wine will fill the bill.

The only thing I said to hope for was good weather.  Well, today it is 55 degrees and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 60.  The snow is just about gone and the morning fog has finally lifted.

I went out side to get my mail and my AARP newsletter was in the box.  I have been a member of AARP for over 25 years due to the fact that my husband was ten years older than me.  While I don't always agree with positions they take, I find their publications interesting.

It's January, which means everyone is making resolutions about improving their health.  AARP has an article titled "10 Tips for Better Health".

Tip number one is 'Throw a Party'.  Hey, why read any further?  According to a study by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, "social activity may help preserve your ability to perform day-to-day activities as you age".  HMMM.  Some days I do not have much activity besides eating and yoga, but if throwing a party will help, count me in.

I can also go along with 'choose chocolate' (#3).  I made coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate and have some dark chocolate caramels.  And of course, we will raise a glass or two of wine (#5) while listening to some favorite music (#7) in the background.

I'll begin my morning with a cup of coffee (#4) and hopefully not have to take a nap (#8) before everyone arrives.

I am feeling so much healthier already, I think I need a cookie.  lol

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