Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Birthday Treats

It is a good thing I am not much of a shopper or I could go broke celebrating my birthday.  Whether it is email or snail mail, I keep getting coupons good for money off of my purchases.

Some I will not use.  It was nice of DSW to send me a coupon, but I just cleaned out my shoe closet and do not need any new shoes or boots.  I also will likely pass on the birthday deals from Home Depot and Office Max among others.

I do need to pick up some supplements from Vitamin World, so I will head over there tomorrow and use that coupon.  Same for the Busch's coupon for my grocery shopping.

Various other offers have landed in the trash, whether online or at the curb.  I never thought much about info I provide the companies I do business with, but I could spend a whole lot to save a little on my birthday, IF I was a shopper.

I think coupon clipping can become an addiction.  I do know folks who clip every coupon out of the paper and feel some need to use them.  I think I throw away more coupons than I ever use.  My system is to cut them out of the newspaper, use them if I am buying the item because I need it, or eventually throw it away if it has already expired (which seems to happen to a lot of them).

So, I'll enjoy my day and let the merchants find other folks to take them up on their '$$$ off' offers.  But keep them coming, 'cause I might eventually have a need to spend.

P.S. Thanks to those who sent birthday wishes.

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