Monday, October 29, 2012

My Prayers are on the East Coast

I've been listening to the wind here and thinking about the folks on the East Coast.  My prayers for their safety will be with them.

Last year my daughter-in-law was in D.C. during Hurricane Irene.  I've been through Hurricane Lenny in 1999 in the Caribbean and Hurricane Ophelia in 2005 in Nova Scotia.  Best not to plan a trip with me during hurricane season.

Last night I was closing the blinds and saw these views to the northwest of my home:

Amazing color, foretelling the bad weather to come.

All of the leaves are off the trees here, so there shouldn't be much resistance to the wind as it picks up overnight.  I went to yoga class with my winter coat, hood up and gloves.  Call me a sissy, but I don't care.  I wondered at the folks walking around with open jackets.  It is 38 degrees here and the wind chill is much lower.

For those in the the path of this storm, be safe.

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