Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend Getaway

I was only gone for a long weekend, but it seemed like a long week.  I think it has something to do with the crazy weather we are having.

Friday morning I headed into the City to see the Faberge exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  It was a day for DIA members to view the exhibit before it opened to the general public today.  The day was sunny and beautiful.  A perfect fall day. 

Then I was off to Adrian, Michigan to visit a cousin I had not seen in three years.  Until I left her home at three this afternoon, it was non-stop talk.  Instead of the always 'Let's get together', we actually got together.  It was great.

While I was there yesterday, we took some time to drive to Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Mi.  The garden is run by Michigan State University.  I first visited there back in the late 1960's when my cousin first moved to Adrian with her family.  Unfortunately, the hosta hillside had already been cut down (which gives me a great excuse to go back next summer), but the bonsai were gorgeous. 

My only regret was not running back to the car through the raindrops to grab the camera.  Cold, windy, rainy.  Yuck.  I'll get pictures next time, but you can view some pictures here.

I was looking forward to today when the weatherman promised temps in the 70's.  Alas, those temps came with more rain and cloudy skies.  And imagine my surprise when I pulled in my drive to find leaves covering the entire drive along with broken tree branches.  And we must have gotten a good frost because I had several more yellowed plants than I had when I left.  Looks like I will be doing yard-cleaning again tomorrow.

It's amazing how a week-end of not doing much of anything can be so tiring.  I'm beat.

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