Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scrabble is FIXED

OK.  Whatever problem they had at EA Arts, they fixed it.  For now.

I was checking my mail on my Kindle and re-loaded Scrabble to see if there were any changes. 

Well, the music started blaring, again, and the old game showed up.  I turned off the sound and then told the game to reset to the original settings.  Lo and behold, suddenly the option to play against the computer popped up.

Not sure if it will last, but it is a start.

As for the Library issue, apparently they are getting new software and making the old search parameters obsolete.  Makes me long for a card file.

But since I now have my mulch, I need to go in the back corner and work.

As for the reader who wondered about Netflix offerings, between them and the Library and my Kindle, I just don't have enough time to worry about not having enough to watch.

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