Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day versus the Fourth of July

I've just returned from British Columbia, Canada.  I'll be writing more about my trip, but for now I want to focus on their holiday which occured yesterday - Canada Day.

I was in Victoria down at the Inner Harbor.  There were lots of people, lots of entertainers and plenty of food.  What there wasn't any of was fireworks being shot off by every yahoo with a few bucks to burn.

Yes, at 10:22 pm (I have no idea why it was that particular time), there was a fireworks display in the Harbor.  It lasted about eight minutes.  And then everyone quietly dispersed and went elsewhere.

I watched the show from my hotel room terrace.  I closed the door when it was over and went to sleep since I had to be up at 3:00 am to catch a flight home.

On my flight into Victoria I spoke with a woman who had been mayor for eight years of a small town north of Victoria.  She said they did not allow any fireworks.  They were 'too dangerous'.  (They also make motorcyclists wear full helmets.  Go figure.)

When I told her what the legislature has done in Michigan she looked at me like I was nuts.  No.  I just live here.

But what amazed me is that there were no scofflaws to be heard setting off fireworks in Victoria.  What does Canada do that we don't?   Our residents don't seem to think laws apply to them.  They do what they please. 

Frankly, the only reason I came home is because I was worried that with the dry weather, something here may catch fire.  And the booms go on and on.

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